Water Can Flow Or It Can Crash. Be Water, My Friend.

Bruce Lee (1940 – 1973), Born: Lee Jun-fan known professionally as Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龙), was a Hong Kong-American actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher. He was the founder of the hybrid martial arts Jeet Kune Do. Lee was the son of Cantonese opera star Lee Hoi-Chuen.

He is considered by commentators, critics, media, and other martial artists to be the most influential martial artist and a pop culture icon of the 20th century, who bridged the gap between east and west. He is often credited with helping to change the way Asians were presented in American films.


“Empty Your Mind, Be Formless. Shapeless, Like Water. If You Put Water Into A Cup, It Becomes The Cup. You Put Water Into A Bottle And It Becomes The Bottle. You Put It In A Teapot, It Becomes The Teapot. Now, Water Can Flow Or It Can Crash. Be Water, My Friend.”
– Bruce Lee


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